Math problem = Good Marriage.

Last Friday Bill went to Tulsa for a Math conference.  On Sunday he and I were talking about his need to take his allergy medicine year round.  I have suggested several times he needed to do this then he wouldn’t feel so bad at different times during the year.  He said he finally came to this conclusion after he had been to this conference and heard a presentation on how effective medicince is when taken properly.  I won’t bore you with the math equations he told me about.

A light bulb went on in my head, after 19 1/2 years of marriage, I finally know how to talk to my husband so he will remember what I say.  I have to talk to him in a math problem or theorem then he will remember.  If only I had figured this out years ago.  Now I need my higher level math skills to kick in.  The problem is math was never a strong subject for me.

Trash + dumpster = happy wife

Child + activity = pick child up

2 Responses to Math problem = Good Marriage.

  • Sarah says:

    Ok, this made me laugh out loud! I’m glad you are learning to speak the same language! haha

    “Child + activity = pick child up” makes me think there is a story there! haha

  • Robin says:

    LOL…it’s funny how things “dawn” on us after so many years, huh?

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