I spy a vertical log…

a tree.

This is one the tree stumps that was left over from when we cut the trees down at the maternity home in Sept. when my parents were here.  When my parents were here when my niece was born, this is what my dad did. 

He’d been planning on carving one of the stumps since Sept.

Bill and Will helped him clear away some of the brush and larger logs that were left over from last fall.

This is the first stump he has done.  Maybe this will be his next career after he sells the cows and farm.

2 Responses to I spy a vertical log…

  • Robin says:

    very cool! These things amaze me! I love the animal ones, but there’s kind of a weird one at the end of our street. It looks like two hands praying maybe with a lot of awkward fingers.

  • Marilyn says:

    I’ve driven by there twice this week, but it was dark both times so I couldn’t see it. Looking forward to seeing it though!

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