8 tons of food

On Sat. the Boy Scout troop that the boys are in went to the Regional Food Bank here in OKC.  We decided to go as a family since Jemma was old enough.

This young woman works for the foodbank and supervised 28 scouts and parents sort 8 tons of food into different categories.

Bill  and some other dads are putting food and household items on a conveyor belt.

Others would pick the items off the conveyor belt and put them in bins around the area.

Once the bins were full other scouts moved them to storage.  Sorry for the picture not turning.

Group picture.

In November the Youth Group from church went to the foodbank and repackaged carrots.  Will used the pole the guy in the above picture has and broke up the carrots in the big bins for 2 hours.  He had a couple blisters after that night.

I really enjoy volunteering at the foodbank because they are very organized.  You have to be age 8 and up to volunteer.  There was also group of people from church that are in a bible study group that volunteered on Sat.  They put together emergency meal boxes for a family of four.  Another area need that was being filled was backpack food kits.  It is a bag of snacks for kids to take home from school on the weekends so they have something to eat.

Here’s another group of volunteers putting together the backpack kits.  There are 57 students that go home with one of these every weekend from my school.  Sometimes the kids start eating them before they get on the bus.

This is what it looks like before they start filling the food kits that go in the backpacks.

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