Blast from the Past

We don’t always go to Homecoming at OC, but this year we did because we had friends that came from Houston.

Friday night we went to Chickasha to see them since they stayed with other friends we have known for a long time.  We didn’t get home until 12:30 am.  Late night.

Sat. we enjoyed the free lunch and the younger kids enjoyed the inflatables and hanging out.

This is Jemma, Keirra and Ciana.

Sat. night a bunch of us got together at a restaraunt to visit, eat and look at scrapbooks and yearbooks from college.  I didn’t think I had changed much since college, but scrapbooks and yearbooks said otherwise.

This is Heather and Tandy.  I’ve know Heather since I was 13.  That was her first year at bible camp at Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp and we’ve been friends ever since. After she got married she lived in Dayton, OH.  We would stop and stay with her and her husband when we visited Bill’s parents.  She’s lived in Chickasha since Aug.  We hope to see her family more.  Tandy I’ve known since college. She lives in Austin.

Rhonda, me and Sarah.  I was suite mates one year and lived in the same apartment as Rhonda one semester.  She now lives in Houston, but has been to Brazil twice.   I think it has been 12 years since I have seen her. Sarah was a room mate one semester.  She lives here in Edmond, so I run into her ever once in a while.

Carla, Jodi, Devonne, and Jadyn.  Carla, I’ve known since college, she live in Muskogee.  Jodi was my freshman roommate, but we go back to camp in WI.  She lives in Piedmont, we see each other every once in a while.  Devonne and Jadyn, live 2 streets over from us and we get together a lot.  All these lovely ladies and I were in the same club when we were in college.

Sometimes you also run into family at Homecoming.  This is David and Linda Gregersen.  Linda is my dad’s first cousin.  They have been in Zambia, Africa for 5 years as missionaries. They just got back in April.  They had a tight schedule, so they stopped by our house for about 15 min.  It was good to see them.  One of the reason’s I started quilting is because of Linda’s mom, Ruth McClurg.

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