I got to dress up too!

Our school had a vocabulary  parade.  The students choose a word then dress up like it.  Jemma went as Heartfelt.  We pinned a piece of felt on the front of her shirt and the back of her shirt that said Heartfelt.  Towards the end of the day the students paraded through the halls to see all the words.  Some students were very creative.

I went as Befriend.

All the office staff dressed up as Bee’s plus a few others.  Our Principal was the Queen Bee, our assistant Principal was Behavior, others were Bewildered, Bedazzled, Beloved, Believe  and Bewitched.  Our office was the Beehive and we decorated for the occasion.  We wore signs that said our word and the meaning. 

Here’s Buddy the Elf with Kathleen.  We trick or treat at her house every year.  Buddy said she was so pretty she should be on a Christmas card.

He also told her there was time to get on the nice list.  Justin decided to be a Bee that night.

On our way home from Kathleen’s we pulled up next to a car that had one of Bill’s students in it.  He was smoking.  Bill rolled the window down and told the student that he was on the naughty list and kept nagging the kid to put the cigarette out.  He told his female passenger that she would soon stink and be on the naughty list if she hung around him and started smoking.  The student finally got rid of the cigarette.

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