The Big Halloween Reveal…

Halloween seems like it has become a week long celebration.  The first event is the Fall Carnival at church.  Jemma is a ballerina.  This is the first year I haven’t made her costume, we borrowed it from a friend.  Her friends are Cindy Lou-Hoo from the movie “The Grinch.”  Her other friend is Thing One from another Dr. Seuss character.

I know you think that Justin is going as a cowboy for Halloween, but he is actually going as Chuck Norris.  He is infatuated with Chuck Norris.  I don’t know why.  He’s always telling jokes about him or little stories.  Justin’s friend is going as Pig Pen the Peanuts character.

Stay tuned, I will post pictures of Bill on Friday morning.  I’m still working on his costume.  Jemma thinks he’s going as Santa Claus and the boys think he is going as a snowman.  Their only clues are the mess some of the fabric made on the floor in our bedroom as I cut the fabric out.

Check the Halloween tab if you need a refresher on the costumes Bill has previously worn.

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