Hardware for teacher of the year.

This is the award that Bill got for being teacher of the year at North.  He was pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing.  There are about 130 teachers at North alone that voted on this award.  I decided that who ever ordered this trophy that stands about 12″ tall, knows him because they add “Dr. Bill” to the front.  The animal on the top is a husky, that is the mascot at his school.  It is a replica of the life size on that is in the front lobby of his school.

The next step is a 10 min. video of him teaching, which has to be turned into the district by Dec. 1st.  He actually did some video taping in his class last year to complete his National Board Certification.  I don’t know if he will use new video or use something from last year.  We will know whether he passed the National Board’s about Dec. 1st.

Bill went to a district meeting about Teacher of the year yesterday.  After visiting with a few he knew, it doesn’t sound like any of the other teachers got a trophie from their schools.  Bill feels very honored with his trophy.

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