We are now Bloggers!

We hope that this is the start of a great thing. Let us know you visited.

2 Responses to We are now Bloggers!

  • Tonya says:


    What a Multi-Tasker!!! I can barely keep up with work and home w/o any children under foot… I’m so Impressed!!
    Love Ya

  • Ruthie says:

    Wow! I am impressed! Amy is a “blog” a-holic and even has me checking in on a few sites from time-to-time….Now you all have your own blog! It is great to see a great American family posting! Many of you don’t know … but, will probably soon learn that Dr. Bill is a great teacher… and Amy is Martha Stewart’s clone! Glad to share office experiences with you and the life and times of an elementary school! On many days Amy is my sanity (and sometimes she brings great treats!) The Arbuckle children are the all-american kids…and I am not surprised to hear that they shoveled & cleared 5 driveways after the recent snow storm…. That just goes to show you the kind of parents the Arbuckles are, they are truly raising thier kids for the future! Keep up the blogging! The world needs great role models!

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