I didn’t even break a sweat!

Yesterday was our church’s Day in the City, where we go into the community, clean up, paint or build to share God’s love.  Our class went to Norman to work at Camp Rock Creek.  MRCC has a camp session there in the summer, retreats, and BK for the 6th grade there.

Bill helped build this pavilion.

Jemma helped clean up flower beds, paint

and test mattresses.

Will helped clean flower beds, pick up trash, be a handyman to his dad, and entertain a 4 year old.

I got to use my talent and make curtains.

Along with 3 other women, we made a set of curtains for 10 windows.  There was actually 14 windows in the dining hall, but we ran out of fabric.  The person in charge only remembered 10 windows.

We used red and white gingham fabric.  It was fun making them.  Bill told me it wasn’t Day in the City if I wasn’t sweating or had sore muscles after I was done.  It was air conditioned in the dining hall.

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