Bare Naked Ladies

This is the slang term for this lily that grows in my backyard flower bed.  The reason it is called this is because it doesn’t have any leaves.   The ladies in my quilt group told me the slang term for this flower. 

I took this picture on July 22nd, when everything else is struggling with the hot summer, God gave this flower the ability to thrive.  Do we take advantage of the abilities God gives us to thrive in any situation?

2 Responses to Bare Naked Ladies

  • Kelly says:

    Do you know what the real name is? We have these in our front flower bed; didn’t have a clue they were there until they popped up this summer. They were gorgeous and smelled awesome, but we didn’t know what they were!

  • Rachel says:

    Sometimes I feel like God has given me the ability to be tough and just roll with punches no matter what. But I don’t always like that ability. Being tough enough to handle my husband being gone for a 12 day moose hunt right after two weeks straight of work, with a newborn and two older kids at home isn’t really all that fun. I sure am glad he’s back home, even if he’s back at work today.

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