She’s a girl alright!

That would be Jemma.  After having two boys that don’t really care what they wear (one wouldn’t care if he went naked) and now a girl that is starting to have an opinion about what she wears, I’m in new and uncharted waters.

Last week Jemma came downstairs fully dressed for school, then decided her shoes didn’t match her outfit.  She went and changed her clothes.  I had tried to encourage her that she looked just fine, but she wouldn’t hear it from me.

Today’s issue was that she couldn’t find one of her shoes she wanted to wear.  She went upstairs, came back down and declared that none of her other shoes looked right with her outfit.  It is PE today, so she has to be careful what she wears.  She finally found her other shoe so she could wear the pair she wanted.

These have been minor problems, with no major melt downs, but I’m afraid that is coming sometime soon.

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