Everyone else blogged about it

That would be the first day of school.

Will, being in 8th grade this year didn’t want his picture taken.  He said “Auh mom!”  Justin didn’t say anything being his first day going to middle school.  Jemma was thrilled to pose.

Will and Justin are walking to school with 2 other boys, Jarrett and Casey.  They are both in 6th grade with Justin.  I didn’t panic to much this year with another one starting middle school.  I did get a little teary eyed after I took this picture, then Jemma started making fun of me so I got it together and went to work that was very distracting since the first hour was chaos.  I did get to leave my desk to eat my lunch this year on the first day of school and I don’t think I got to do that last year.

Jemma enjoyed posing for her first day of school picture in front of the school sign.

I worked 50 hours last week and this week I worked about 57 hours.  My normal week is supposed to be 37.5 hours,  Yikes!

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