More from the Aquarium/ What’s Will doing?

Yesterday was big arena show, sort of the opening of the Jamboree.  They sat in a big open field for 2 hrs. before it started, because it took that long to get everyone seated.  The last count I saw from an army website there is 37,000 scouts and 8,000 leaders there, making it the 8th largest city in Virginia.  When the show started he saw a guy from this seasons Survivor,  a winner from the Amazing Race, Miss America, the secretary of defense, the military golden kmights parachute team, the chief of the boy scouts, and the governor of Virginia.  I’m not sure when the next show is but, the guy from the dirtiest jobs is supposed to be there and maybe the President.   On Tues. he participated in activities that made him see what it would be like to be a handicapped person.

I had a lot of fun playing with my camera the day we went to the aquarium.  God has made lots of creatures that added to the fun of taking their pictures.  I just had to find the right setting on my camera.

I found Nemo.

Jelly fish.


These fish actually swim vertically.  I was amazed.

Rock looking fish.

I also found the elusive King Crab.  There’s guys that spend all their time on the Bering Sea looking for these things.  Maybe they should look for them at their local aquarium.  Of course I think they want to find them alive not stuffed, like this one.

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