They’re in trouble

I’m not actually talking about my kids, but they do get in their fair share of trouble.  I’m talking about the 2 calves that kept getting out at my parents house when we were home.

My mom saw them out her kitchen window and told me they were out.  I volunteered to get them back in but I took their picture first.

They were out several times while I was home.  They were still small enough to go under the electric fence.

One of the calves was having attatchment issues with his mother.  She would frequently kick her calf.  I guess we should have turned her into the DAS (Department of Animal Services) for abusing her calf.  I’m sure the calf will need lots of therapy when he is older.  The other calf was just a follower.  He’ll have his own set of issues as he grows up.

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  • Mimi says:

    The 2nd calf was an orphan twin that was graphed on to a cow that lost her calf. It took 6 weeks to get that mother to except that calf.

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