My brush with a skunk

Every day when we were on the farm, my mom and I would go for a walk.  Sometimes we would walk in the pasture or fields, sometimes along the road.  One of the evenings when we were walking along the road, Jemma was with us this time, we walked up to a skunk.  He was about 20 feet in front of us when we first saw him.  We stood there for about 5 min. as the skunk wandered in and out of the grass at the side of the road.  He finally crossed the road in front of us and went down the ditch and into the woods.  We tried not to move or talk  while we waited on him to move on.  I didn’t have my camera with me so I didn’t get a picture of him.

Also on our walk we saw lots of bunnies, and 2 white tail deer.  Jemma liked how the deer’s tails wiggle when they run.

We also saw a sand crane when we were on our way home from my aunt’s house.

I practiced with my macro button on my camera to get some up close shots of wild flowers.

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