First you flame the mallo

One of the things we do every summer when we go home to the farm, is to go to the woods for a weiner roast.

Getting the firewood.

Cooking the dogs.

Enjoying the food.

Flaming the mallo.

After we got to our picnic spot, we realized we forgot something, so Mimi and Jemma had to ride the 4-wheeler and go get it.  Jemma loves to ride the 4-wheeler.

5 Responses to First you flame the mallo

  • Robin says:

    Your parents are really neat grandparents!!! I miss that. Of course with teens, it changes a little anyways…

  • Alyssa McCook says:

    Very fun!

  • Lindsy says:

    Mimi and Jemma look a lot alike!

  • HAHAH! I saw people in jeans and thought “they have got to be in WI (or was in MN)??”
    PS…see my second quilt on facebook or our blog. I am so glad I took a class from you. Made me a better seamstress. In a few weeks we are making pillowcases for children with cancer….without your help it would hardly be possible. Isn’t it amazing to see that through the act of giving a simple quilting class you have enabled me to help with a ministry and by so doing you are helping with yet another ministry:). Awesome!

  • Marilyn says:

    We had a weiner roast at Tom & Judy’s while we were in Portland last week. A little different setting, but lots of fun! They had it down on the dock of the lake.

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