Rain soaked parade

Our neighborhood 4th of July parade barely took place.  The rain started right after Edmond’s parade and continued for about 3 hours.  It rained heavy the whole time.  It was time to decorate for our parade and it stopped.  I forgot to take my camera to the Edmond Parade.  Both boys were marching in it.  They had to be in place at 8:00 AM.  Yikes.

I’m thankful that my friends that live elsewhere in Edmond came for our parade since only one other family from our neighborhood that are, are good friends came to the parade.  They co-sponsored the parade with us. 

Some of the things we and the other family did to get ready for the parade was put flyers on everyone’s door, make sure there was enough decorations for the bikes, put out signs, and purchase watermelon.  I found out I now like watermelon.  I didn’t used to like it, but the seedless ones are pretty good.  I keep telling my kids to try things in case their taste buds change.  Mine did.

The family that normally organizes the parade was out of town, so they asked us and our friends to organize it.

I hope that the rain kept people away and not that new people were organizing it.

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