A different look to VBS

Having taught a center for VBS for 10 years I thought I should do something different for VBS.  The 6th graders have traditionally been helpers, this year it was decided that they were too young.  So that left them with nothing to do during VBS.  With many parents still helping and some maybe not planning on helping since they didn’t know what to do with their 6th grader, my friend Devonne came up with the idea of having a work camp for 6th graders during VBS.  I decided I would help her out and chaperone the 6th graders.

The first day we went Tealridge, a retirement community within walking distance of the church.  The 6th graders cleaned up garbage outside, pulled weeds in flower beds, washed windows, cleaned up furniture, and did a few jobs inside that I didn’t see.  The dirt in the flower bed was very hard a week after we had the 10″ of rain.

On Wed. we went to our regional food bank down by the airport.  This is a very nice facility to volunteer at, it’s clean and well organized.  The kids spent 1 1/2 hours boxing food and stacking those boxes that weighed 26 pounds.  I wish I had taken my camera that day, since it was a neat thing to see 20 kids working esembly line fashion filling these boxes then taping them shut and stacking them.  We had 25 kids that went.  The other 5 were opening small pallets of food for the assembly line.  We also got a tour of the facility.  The freezer is 6000 square  feet and  is  -10 degrees.  It felt good for a 2 sec. 

Thurs. we went to the Christian Service Center.  This facility gives out food from the food bank, clothes and household items, it is sponsored by Oakcrest church of Christ.  The kids sorted books, that’s what Justin is doing below, yard work, and sorting clothes.

These boys are counting and sacking items after someone picks them out.

The kids did a real good job and worked hard all three days.  On Friday, we took them to  a neighborhood pool for a reward for working so hard.  I’m sure the work they did blessed many people.

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