The Big and the little

This is our Will and his name sake that lives in Wichita.  We stopped to see them on the way home from KC.

Will is taller than Ben, but not that much. He’s very proud of that accomplishment.  Ben has known our Will since he was 15 months old.  After telling Ben that he felt really old.  Ben was crouching down a little to make sure that Will on his shoulders was in the picture.

3 Responses to The Big and the little

  • Marilyn says:

    Glad you could see them & visit a bit!

  • Kelly says:

    Those both turned out SO great! Please make sure to email them to us!! That makes me laugh that Ben is crouching down; it looks like he’s almost shorter than Justin, too.

  • Rachel says:

    So glad you got to see them. What a great time I’m sure you had. Wish we could have been there too.

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