10″ of rain would equal about 9 feet of snow

That’s what my math husband shared with me when he got home from summer school today.

This was the southside of our back yard during the worst of the 500 year rain.

More backyard shots.

At one point in time the entire breezeway was covered in water.  We didn’t have any damage that I know of except for a little rain in the fire place.

I guess we should be happy it wasn’t below 32 degrees.

Pablo refused to go out to the bathroom in the rain.  Justin finally got an umbrella, put the leash on Pablo, drug him outside and told the dog they weren’t going to go back inside until he went to the bathroom.  He finally did.

2 Responses to 10″ of rain would equal about 9 feet of snow

  • Marilyn says:

    I didn’t take any pics of our yard, but it looked similar to yours. We didn’t have any damage either.

  • Rachel says:

    Well I’m glad you didn’t have any damage to your home. And way to go Justin for bossing Pablo like that! That’s hilarious!

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