I thought it was closed

Last week after we picked up Jemma from bible camp we stopped at our favorite restaurant in Moore.  We pulled up and there are no cars outside, no sign, etc.  I started to freak out.  Bill kept saying read the sign.  I couldn’ t see the sign.  As it turns out they moved to a new location.

It’s located on Riverwalk Dr. in Moore.  Did you know Moore had a river walk?

They have good burgers, but my favorite thing to get is their fried cheese.  Another reason we like this restaurant so much is because this is were Bill and I had our first date.  Not at this location, but at another location that isn’t there anymore.  They are also known for their fried peaches.

3 Responses to I thought it was closed

  • Robin says:

    Yes, my Gma and I liked to go there for the fried peaches!

  • Kelly says:

    Mmmm… you’re making me want their fried cheese. You forgot to share that their fried cheese is different (differently amazing) b/c they use that creamy swiss stuff. Mmmmm……

  • Lindsy says:

    There is a Harry’s in Yukon. They do have GOOD fried cheese. It’s the best I’ve ever had.

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