Jemma’s first bible camp

Jemma went to the Inside/Out Beginners camp sponsored by MRCC for first time campers.  She really enjoyed herself.  This was her first time to be away from Bill and I for that long, except when she stayed with my parents for spring break over a year ago.  Camp Rock Creek was located NE of Norman, so if I had to go get her it wasn’t far.  She had several church friends that went and a friend from school.

She was excited to be on the top bunk.

Jemma and her friend Aukia from school.

This is Leslie, Jemma’s cabin counselor.  I’ve had Leslie’s 2 boys in Sonshine School when I taught, so I was excited that she would have Jemma.  Her blog is The Proctors on the right.  You might check it out, since she said she would post pictures of camp.  Her husband was one of the directors and co-founders of this camp.

Here is a picture of all the campers and counselors. 

I always loved bible camp, so I am so glad that all three of my kids enjoy going.  Jemma said she would love to go next year, but she couldn’t go because it was for beginners.  I told her she would be able to go next year, it wasn’t just for first time campers.  I mentioned this to one of the directors at church tonight and she said they would drop the beginner part, but put it in the by line.

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  • Lindsy says:

    I loved church camp! It was one of my favorite things to do in the summer. SO much fun. It makes me sad that I can no longer go. Stupid work!

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