What to wear to 5th grade graduation


Blood and grass stained dress pants.  Justin graduated from 5th grade on Wed. afternoon.  Wed. morning the whole grade had there break outside on the playground.  The teacher told them not to get dirty and just hang out.  Well some of them decided to play soccer, Justin included.  He got tripped, down he went, knocked an old scab off his knee and it bled.  The inside of his pants took the brunt of blood, but the outside caught the grass stains.

Here he is receiving his diploma from our principal.

Shaking hands with our assistant principal.

Another event that was held for 5th graders was an autograph party.  They get an autograph book, have everyone sign it and eat.

This event was a week before school was out.  Here he is with his friend Jake.

2 Responses to What to wear to 5th grade graduation

  • robin says:

    Good times…I think it’s neat that we celebrate the transitions from elementary to middle to high school! We didn’t do anything but high school graduation when I was growing up here!

  • Lindsy says:

    I can’t believe he’s in 6th grade. Sunday was my last day with the 5th graders. I almost cried.

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