Loss of one of my quilt idols

I recently lost one of my quilt idols.  Not only was she fantastic quilter, she was a terrific Christian woman.  I’ve gotten to know her through 2 different quilt groups we were both involved in at church.

Mary Ann Eggleston – She had wedding quilts made for unmarried grandchildren and quilts made for  unborn great-grandchildren.  Her signature block was a bear paw, which is the block above.

This quilt was made in 2005.  Ladies in the quilt group made blocks for each other following the requirements the recipient set.  I had the border fabric already, so I asked for blocks with black in it and a certain size.  I’m very grateful to have a block that she made just for me.

At her memorial service, the stage was covered with her favorite flowers and lots of quilts that she had made.  I loved the colors she put together in her quilts and the patterns she chose.

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