The difference between men and women

Or at least the difference between Bill and I.

Last week we had ants in our mailbox.  I don’t know how they got there.  They tend to find new homes when it rains.  I didn’t think we had, had that much rain.  I thought okay, go buy $5 can of bug spray, spray down the mailbox and there gone. 

Bill decided to take the mailbox out completely Friday after he got home from work.  I asked him how the mailman would deliver mail, he proceeded to set the box up on end.  The mailman did leave the mail on Sat.  About noon on Sat. he started to make a new post for the new mailbox he bought Friday night at Home Depot.  The boys helped stain the post, dig a hole for the new post, and cement it in.

Sat. night Bill had an allergic reaction to working with the wood.  His hands swelled and the back of his neck also swelled.  He missed church Sunday morning because he was still feeling bad.

But here is the finished product.

Thanks to OK Chick for her concern about my missing mailbox.

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