Walk the red carpet

Walk the red carpet was the theme for Jemma’s birthday party in April.  One of the things we did was cover the entryway with a plastic red table clothes and rope lights.  The girls wrote introductions for themselves and then walked the read carpet.

We wrote each girls name on the side walk and then outlined it with a star.

Star shaped cake that I cut using a template.

Jemma asked the girls to wear sparkly clothes or their Sunday best.

The stars on the table were made by the girls.  I spray painted them black, the girls wrote their name on the middle of the star with a glitter pen and glued on craft jewels.  Then we added ribbon to the back so they could hang them.  The other craft we were going to do was cement their hand prints in the “Hollywood walk”.  Using pizza boxes with cement, have them make their hand impressions, then add more craft jewels.  The guy at the home improvement store talked Bill into using something different that didn’t work.  Bill says he should have gone with his gut instinct and used kwik crete.  The girls also played games that I found on the internet to go along with this theme.  I was pretty happy how it turned out.  I usually have a hard time finding ideas to go with a theme that are relatively easy to do, don’t cost a fortune and take a ton of time to prepare.

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