1930’s Flower Garden




This quilt is a block of the month from the Edmond Quilt Guild. 

It is featured at their website http://www.eqg.us/photos_bom2008.html.


I have always wanted to make a quilt using 1930’s reproduction fabrics, so when this pattern came along I thought this would be perfect.

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  • Rachel says:

    I wasn’t quite sure what your post would be about when I saw just the title. But I should have known it would be a quilt.
    The baby quilt you did for Carly is also some sort of reproduction fabric. Maybe not the 30’s, but maybe the 20’s or 40’s. Either way, we like it and actually still use it pretty often. If Carly’s not cuddling under it, she’s wrapping up her baby dolls in it.

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