Panic Moment

A friend from church asked me last year if I would make a t-shirt quilt for her daughter her senior year.  It has to be done by April 25th for senior night at church.

I worked on it over springbreak, but I haven’t had much time since.  Monday night I was finally ready to start quilting it.  I couldn’t get the tension on my machine set right.  Aughh!!  I probably worked about an hour trying to fix it myself.  Change thread, change needles, clean it out, etc.  Called a friend to double check I hadn’t missed something.  I finally called the repair man.  He came yesterday.  I also sat and messed with it Tuesday night also.  The timing was off and I had a few nicks on the bobbin case from breaking needles.  Since I took the day off yesterday, after he had been here I had almost 3 hours of uninterupted sewing.

Here are some other quilts I have made.

I made this quilt in Aug. 2007.  I gave it away as a baby gift, I just didn’t document who I gave it to.  If you recognize this quilt please let me know.

This t-shirt quilt was made in Nov. 2005 for Clegern Elementary and auctioned off.

This quilt was made and donated for a charity auction.  At the time I didn’t like the quilt very much, but I keep seeing the leftover scraps and like the scraps.

These little quilts were made in Dec. 2006 when my kids were in the Nutcracker.  Jemma has one of the bigger ones.  The blocks were embroider on my machine.

4 Responses to Panic Moment

  • Robin says:

    So neat…all of them! Have I told you before that Sue Aven (the owner of the Curves I go to) displays her quilts for each season and holiday on the walls of Curves? Hers are awesome too. She has some cute ones for summer that are popsicles and flip flops!

  • Mimi says:

    I’m glad you got your sewing machine working again. Guess it wasn’t anything you could have fixed yourself or that you were doing wrong!

  • Nancy H. says:

    Wow, all your quilts look great. I’m amazed at how many quilts you get done. I’m so behind. I had trouble with my embroidery machine too this week. It ended up being cheap thread. Now everything work like a breeze.

  • Rachel says:

    Your quilts all look great. I can understand the frustration with the machine not working right.
    The baby quilt that you posted at the top is not the one you gave us for Isaac, but his has some of the same fabrics. Maybe that will help you narrow down the owner.

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