Will at the Round Barn

Will signed up through school for a cotillion.  They meet 4 different times through the year to learn social skills and manners.  I was all over the manners part.  I’m always happy for someone else to talk to my kids about manners besides me.

The last event was at the Round Barn in Arcadia, OK.   Bill and I chaperoned.  One of the things we did was setting out water bottles and filling cups with root beer.

The manners they learned about this night was thank you notes.  The other nights they learned about table manners, being friendly to everyone, and cell phone etiquette.   He also learned to line dance.

Sometimes Will tells me not to put certain things about him  on my blog.  I didn’t ask him about this event.

2 Responses to Will at the Round Barn

  • Robin says:

    It is a pretty good program and always fun to sponsor and watch the kids interact! Unfortunately my oldest son has some not so good memories at the Round Barn cotillion. Someone threw a coke or something out of the window and I think it hit the highway or something. Anyway, he didn’t do it but was in a group of boys that were severely questioned by the local law…

  • Lindsy says:

    I think that’s a great program! I wish I would have had that in school. Tell Will…this will help him get dates! You would be surprise how many guys are weird/no social skills. And I would know!

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