Oreo Cookie Balls, Valentine Treats



These were a few of the 2 batches of Oreo cookie balls I made for teacher treats and co-workers for Valentines Day.  The PTA at school had a Sweet Shoppe for the teachers to come and choose from all kinds of homemade treats.


Oreo Cookie Balls


1 pkg. Oreo Cookies

1 8 oz. package of cream cheese

1 package of almond bark


Crush the oreo cookies.  I used the magic bullet to grind them up, but you could use a blender.  Mix cream cheese into crushed oreos, I used my mixer for this.  Use a cookie scoop and make balls.  Put on a cookie sheet and freeze for 30 min.  When they are done in the freezer, melt almond bark and dip cookies in the melted bark.  I didn’t like my technique for dipping the cookies, so I am hopeing to improve on that step.


I got this recipe from my friend Stephanie.

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