Cheaper Valentine Treats

I wanted to do something different for Bill and the kids for Valentine’s Day, so I went to the Edible Arrangement store.  I went on Thursday afternoon.  The first thing I found out was that they think their fruit is very special.  Alot more special than I was willing to pay.  The second thing I found out was, I was a day late in ordering, to get it in time for Valentine’s Day.  I took one of their brochures and it showed what their fruit looked like after it was dipped in chocolate.  I decided I could do that myself.  I went to the grocery store and bought strawberries, green apples, and chocolate.  Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought sticks.  Here is what I came up with.











When Bill got home from work  Jemma says, look Dad an edible arrangement!  Bill says, who sent that to us. 


I’ve never dipped anything in chocolate, but it’s kind of fun and goes pretty fast.  I think I saved myself at least $50.  You can find my motivation at if you want to .

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