Fireproof and The Love Dare

The other evening one of the bible classes at church sponsored the viewing of the movie “Fireproof.” We were unable to stay but just 1 night later we rented it.

It was incredible!
If you have not seen it I highly suggest it. It is the best movie I have ever seen on the value of marriage, and gives a very biblical and practical way of saving as well as strengthening any marriage. I would like to challenge any husband to buy a copy of The Love Dare and follow the 40 days. It will have you thinking about your marriage and your spouce differently. The book is written in a way that is very practiical and you can keep notes in it as well. If you accept my challange then reply to this post and include your email and I would like to start a study of sorts where we men step up and show what we can do with God’s help. Let me know what you think. If you would rather email me directly then here is my email: . I look forward to help any and all my friends and family to “Fireproof”ing our marriages from the fires of divorce, separation, and from Satan.

Rent the movie, buy the book, and get started today. Let’s see how our marriages can be strengthened by God’s Strength, Power, and Guidance.

Ladies if your husband is not a blogger then at least tell him to read this one.

2 Responses to Fireproof and The Love Dare

  • Nathan and Becky says:

    We saw it after y’all suggested it. The movie had a great message! Definitely one we’ll see again!

  • Christy (Elsey) Ros says:

    I giggled at the acting, but ended up loving the movie and the book.

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