My “Famous” Sisters

Dawn and I

Dawn and I



Every couple of weeks my sister that lives in Mustang and I get together and have supper.  We used to eat lunch together when she worked closer to me, but now she only has to travel 7 miles to work, so it is to hard to eat lunch since I don’t get off work until 1:15pm.  By the time I make it down to where she works it is after 2:00pm before we would eat lunch.  Now we just pick an evening that I can get away from kids activities and we meet somewhere in the middle.  Thursday night we ate at TGiFridays.


The same night my older sister, who is the gymnastics coach in my hometown was on TV for an interview about one of her gymnasts.  Here’s the link to the interview of my sister Beth Lee on TV.

3 Responses to My “Famous” Sisters

  • Mimi says:

    Hey, your brother was on TV (WKBT) Friday night. He works at the Tomah basketball games taking tickets and doing crowd control. He was in the background of the news story of the Sparta/Tomah game that night. Don’t know if it was online. Nice picture of you and Dawn.

  • Rachel says:

    The commercial at the beginning of the clip threw me off for a second. I was thinking, “that can’t be her sister she doesn’t look anything like Amy.” Then I realized it was a commercial. Ha!
    Interesting interview. That girl is quite the tough cookie. And your sister seems like a very attentive coach.

  • Heather says:

    Wow!! So inspiring! Your sister seems like a really great coach. I had fun talking with you tonight!

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