I just don’t think like he does.

I’m talking about Will.  This kid has asked me for years if I had a super power what would it be.  He would suggest ex-ray vision, super hearing, things like that  It drove me crazy because I don’t think about things like that.  I finally came up with, I would create time.  That was very hard for me to come up with.


It started last Friday when he called me at work and asked me if I could help him make costumes for his latest project for his Enrichment Class.  I asked when he needed them done, he needed them done by Thursday.  This is what I’ve been making.





He’s supposed to be a Tibetian Monk.  I made four costumes for Will and the other members of his team.  They are traveling back in time to ancient Japan.  I talked to one of the other mom’s of his team members and all she was doing to help her son was  find a recipe from Japan. 


I did make the robe part without a pattern, but I used a pattern to make the hood.  I told Will he could be a monk for Halloween.  If you ever need four monk costumes, I have some you can borrow.

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