Ackward Mom moment




Last Friday was Moms and Muffins at school.  Everthing was set up early so I took the Justin and Jemma in to enjoy a quite moment and muffin before I had to start work and Justin had safety patrol.  This is Justin’s last year for Moms and Muffins.  It’s something we have done every year since Pre-K.  I’ll miss him next year.  I don’t really see him that much this year.  Occasionally he’ll come in the office and show me a book or I’ll see him in the hall.  He barely gives me a hug when I see him.  His teacher says I’m doing a good job of not getting in his way.


I do have one story to tell about being a working parent at my kids school.  In the fall Justin had lost a sweatshirt.  This is nothing new, he has a very hard time keeping up with his things.  I told him to look for it before school and then I didn’t see him until later.  When I delivered something to his class later in the day he had his sweatshirt on.  I was so excited that he had found it, I went over and looked at his tag to see if I had labeled his name in it.  I had, so I was happy if he lost it we would probably get it back.   As I turned back around the whole class was looking at me like I was crazy.  Why is she looking at his tag?  I sheepishly told Justin I was sorry and left the room.

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  • Lindsy says:

    My sisters and I were at my mom’s school. When Sister #2 was in 2nd grade she got in trouble all the time! If my mom would see her out in the hall (which was pretty much every time), oh man she would get in trouble. My mom would take her to lunch at Sonic, and then give her a spanking for being out in the hall. It’s amazing the girl still likes Sonic. 🙂

  • Kelly T says:

    That’s funny, Amy. Justin probably won’t even remember that in ten years… if you’re lucky. 😉

  • Rachel says:

    Well, I’m sure his classmates won’t remember a thing in a few more weeks. That is, if any of them still remember.
    Funny story though. At least he found the sweatshirt, right?

  • Alyssa says:

    That is funny.

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