Technology of Choice

One of Jemma’s friends had a birthday party Friday night.  All of Jemma’s friends wonder what they will get from her since I have made them all their birthday gifts.  I asked Maddy what she wanted and she told me a handkerchief dress or a pillowcase dress.  So Wed. night I googled for directions.  I don’t make anything without directions or a pattern, I’m to chicken.  It took me an hour to find directions on the internet.  All the directions were for girls that were about 5, so I decided I would also make a dress for Jemma to make sure I got it right.


Thursday night Jemma and I went to Hobby Lobby to pick out fabric and ribbon.  It took me 1 hour to make 2 dresses even after I had trouble threading my serger.  It took me an hour of searching to find the pattern on the internet.  I’ve decided I’m much better with my sewing machine than I am doing searches on the internet.



6 Responses to Technology of Choice

  • Robin says:

    very cute coordinating dresses!

  • Alyssa says:

    Ooooh! I love it! Jemma looks so cute!

  • Marilyn says:

    They turned out great!

  • Mimi says:

    The directions for these dresses (or something very similar) were in Christian Woman Magazine several months ago. Also you made a robe out of bathtowels like this for one of your first sewing projects. They are very cute! I like the leggings, too.

  • Rachel says:

    So cute. I’m sure Jemma and her friend will enjoy having coordinating dresses. You are so talented, Amy. And I hear ya about internet searches taking forever. Sometimes there’s just so much out there that it takes longer to find what you’re really wanting.

  • Rachel says:

    Oh, and is this a handkerchief dress? You’ll have to post the website that you found for this pattern. Since you said all the patterns you found were for girls about 5, I guess I better get on it and make one for Carly.

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