Bill’s most expensive blanket.

 Last summer when we were on vacation in South Dakota Bill let me stop at a quilt store.  I always ask to stop, but most of the time we don’t.  Jemma went in with me.  Anytime the kids have gone into a quilt store with me I let them get a fat quarter.  For non-quilting people a fat quarter is a piece of fabric 19″x 22″.  Bill knew that I let the kids get some fabric, he didn’t know it was supposed a fat quarter.  He went into the store with me which he doesn’t always do.  While I was shopping, Bill encouraged Jemma to pick out a piece of fabric.  She choose this cow hide looking fabric that was really soft and furry.  Bill didn’t bother to check the price.  It turns out it was Minkie fabric.  Minkie runs about $20 a yard.  He told her she could get a yard.  So at Christmas I went to Hancock’s and got a yard of plain brown Minkie imitation for about $10 a yard, sewed the right side together and then turned it rightside out to make a blanket for Jemma.


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