The good, the bad and the wardrobe.

This past week I discovered a reason I don’t like my job.  At 5:45 am, when the phone rings and the assistant principal tells me that school is called off, I have to call 8 other people and tell them that school is out.  Which normally wouldn’t be a big deal because most of the time I’m awake anyway, but this past week I was still dreaming.  The first teacher I call is also a former farm girl, she’s already had her first cup of coffee, so she wanting to visit and I still have 7 other people to call.


One of the neatest things about my job is the little kindergarten girl that comes into the office every morning to see what I am wearing.  This started in Nov. right before Thanksgiving.  She had been coming in everyday to find out where she should go.  Her grade rotates every other day from the playground to the gym before school starts.  She came into the office on the Friday before Thanksgiving, to ask where she should go, and she said to me, “You have a shirt for every Holiday.”  I was wearing a turkey shirt that day.  I had worn two different shirts at Halloween.  She saw the assistant principal later and told her that the “real principal” wore holiday shirts.  The assistant principal couldn’t think of who she was talking about, because she new the principal didn’t wear holiday shirts, she wears holiday pins, but not shirts.  When the assistant principal got to the office she realized the little girl was talking about me. 


I had about 3 different Christmas shirts and I have about 6 winter/snowman sweatshirts and shirts. 


I started looking at my wardrobe and discovered I didn’t have a Valentine’s Day shirt so I made one for myself and Jemma this weekend.





I don’t have anything to wear for Easter, so I’m going to have to work on something.   I do have a t-shirt for Dr. Suess Day.  I know that’s not a real holiday, but it is an exciting day at an elementary school.

4 Responses to The good, the bad and the wardrobe.

  • Rachel says:

    That girl sounds pretty funny. I’d say you need to come up with some sort of award to give her a the final awards assembly. Maybe “Most Likely to Host What Not to Wear”!
    I like the shirts you made for you and Jemma. Very cute.

  • Robin says:

    looks cute!

  • Tessa says:

    Your shirt is cute. I have lots of holiday earrings if you need some.

  • Kelly T says:

    I like the shirts. I’m sure Sophie would like one, too. Ha ha.

    Really, though, I actually was thinking you should make a matching one for that little girl. You’d make her day to get to match the real principal.

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