How to avoid a Blizzard!

You go to Wisconsin and wait for it there.  The storm never snowed in WI as much as it was supposed to, it  rained about an inch on Christmas day instead.  We canceled our plans to go see my grandmother since they said it was going to start snowing at any time.  We also had some freezing rain.





There was still 2 inches of fresh snow after we got to WI and there was 10-12″ of snow from a storm the middle of Dec.





This snow pile is still in the same location that it was when I was a kid.  As soon as it snowed enough to plow snow, this pile would appear in late fall, or early winter and it lasted until late spring.  Depending on the snow fall each year, determined how high and full the pile would get.





This is Will throwing snowballs from the top of the pile.





The kids are digging in the pile.  I remember doing my share of digging in the pile.  My siblings and I would make elaborate forts.








Here’s Justin getting ready to slide down the pile.  (Sorry for the picture not turning.)

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  • Lindsy says:

    Looks like fun. I came home yesterday. Our neighborhood is horrible! I actually wish the college students were in school to help break up the roads.

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