The Nutcracker



Three years ago, all three of my kids were in The Academy of Ballet and Theatre Arts performance of The Nutcracker.





Jemma was taking lessons in pre-ballet and the director (who we go to church with) asked if the boys would like to be in it.  They thought it would be fun to be in it.





The boys got to play trouble makers at the party.


Nutcracker Kids 1



Will played Fritz, Clara’s brother.


Nutcracker Kids 2



They are trying to be inconspicuous while they sneak off to try and find out what is inside the presents.


Nutcracker Kids 3



Will is fighting with Clara over the Nutcracker.  I made the dress that Clara is wearing.  I also made pantiletes and a petticoat to go with the dress.


Nutcracker Kids 4


Jemma was a Polichinelles or a clown.


Nutcracker Kids 5



Here’s the official portrait the kids had taken.


Nutcracker Kids 6


One of the things the boys did to get in trouble was ride stick horses.  They also chased the girls with mice and tried to open presents.


There is 16 young girls that attend the party.  A few are in the picture above.  I made all 16 dresses, petticoats and pantiletes.  I made many other costumes for this performance of the Nutcracker.  I think I made or did something with 35 different costumes.

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