Party animals and the coveted gift.

This weekend was our weekend for all the Christmas parties.  Friday night was my work party at the Red Pin in Bricktown.





It was fun, but it’s a lot harder to bowl in real life than on the Wii.





Bill had the top score of everyone, but he told me not to post his actual score.  (Sorry, about the pictures being sideways.  I’ve been messing around for 30 min. trying to get them the right way and it’s not working.)





We bowled for about an hour, ate a pizza buffet and then played a little game for door prizes.  Bill won a stocking full of candy and a gift card. 





This is Wendy and her husband Rick, she works parttime with me.  They went with us to see the movie Blindside after the party.  Blindside is one of the best movies, I’ve seen lately.  I highly recommend it.





This is Ruthie and her husband Kirk,  she is our assistant principal.  A few parents and a lot of students think we look alike.


Saturday night we hosted a bunch of our friends at our house.  Here is the gift exchange we had with the kids.





They had a $5 gift card exchange.  We played Jingle Bells and everytime jingle bells was said they had to pass their gift.





Here’s the girls eating.





Here’s the boys eating and Merideth.


Then the adults had a dirty santa gift exchange and I got the most wanted present.





Now, I know how jealous you all are that you don’t have a purse like mine.  I hope you don’t try and steal it from me when I’m out in public with it.


This purse has been around for several dirty santa exchanges.  I think I am the third person to get it.  We don’t do dirty santa every year we get together, so it has been saved for just the right time.


Tonight was our bible class Christmas party.  I didn’t take my camera tonight since I was juggling a salad and Bill’s dessert.  The men have a dessert contest.  About three years ago, Bill won with his mom’s apple crumb pie recipe.  He didn’t win this year, even though he made the same pie with apples and cranberries.  He enjoys participating.

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