Really full…lota sap!



One of our family traditions is to go to the Sorghum Mill Christmas Tree farm and cut our Christmas tree down.





We usually wander around the tree farm for an hour waiting for a light from heaven to shine on our tree just like in Christmas Vacation.  Jemma actually said something about where is the light, before we found the tallest, flat on one side, cheapest tree.  It only took us 30 minutes this year.





This tradition of cutting down our tree started when Will was a little over 2 years old.  We went and cut our first tree down and the next year we talked about going to a tree lot.  Will kept saying something about see saw, see saw.  He’d remembered cutting down the tree and wanted to do it again.  We’ve gone to the tree farm ever since.  The first tree farm we went to was in Tuttle.  The next year we found one closer to home.




As I’m writing this post I am sharing it out loud with Bill and Will is embarrased that I am sharing this memory on my blog.  I remind him that his friends don’t read my blog and he is quite relieved to hear that.








Of course there’s always the fight about who’s going to get to ride with the tree.  This year Justin and Jemma won.


We cut our tree down last Sat.  It is up in the house, but it is still naked.

5 Responses to Really full…lota sap!

  • Sap from the tree or sappy memory?:)

  • Rachel says:

    Another fun family tradition.
    We went out to the woods and cut down our own tree for two years and then we decided we our marriage didn’t need the extra stress. So we took up some friends on their used pre-lit tree offer before they moved south.

  • Marilyn says:

    That’s so funny that Will is getting embarassed by you blogging memories about him! I guess that means he’s growing up huh? Maybe the fact that he towers over me is also evidence that he is growing up!

  • Robin says:

    That’s really neat! We have never done that because of different reasons, but I love traditions!

    Yes, you are not far behind with the highschool boys stuff…I thot that when I saw your FB status the other day…but I think they are much easier than girls!

    And Will did a great job at the concert too. I noticed he was one of the few boys really singing!

  • Dawn Long says:

    I think Will needs to pipe down, that memory isn’t bad at all and I’m sure there are way worse ones you could pull out to embarrass him with!

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