Drive through turkey dinners and 40!

For Thanksgiving, our family went to OC and helped  prepare 1700 meals.  Then we delivered 310 meals to the small community of Luther, east of where we live.  Our family has helped with Thanksgiving day in the City for about 4 years. 





Here we are sticking labels on the styrofoam trays.








Justin is putting lids on individual cups of cranberries.





After the food is all prepared everyone starts filling the styrofoam trays.  Will is passing them out.





Jemma is delivering a tray to be boxed.  The boxes behind Jemma are individually packed pies.  Other recipients of turkey dinners were the hospital, police station, fire department, Capital Hill church of Christ (downtown OKC), Southeast church of Christ, individual families and the homeless. 





Bill drove the church bus out to Luther filled with the 310 meals including pie, cranberries, and silverware.  We delivered it to the parking lot of the Service Center in Luther, which is an old grocery store, set up to give away food and clothing from the church of Christ.  People drove through and picked up the number of meals they needed.





Will helped pass out pies.





Bill’s filling an order for turkey dinners.





After we delivered our meals to Luther we went back to OC.  Will and I went with 2 other friends and delivered meals to convenience store employees.





Then we got to eat with everyone who helped and wanted to stay and eat.





After we ate, we went to see the movie “A Christmas Carol” in 3D with friends.


Other news, why is it okay to lie on your drivers license about our height and weight?  But we can’t lie about our age.  According to my drivers license, I turned 40 over Thanksgiving vacation.  I don’t think I am that old, I really feel like I am 30.  I have friends that have recently turned 40 and they say your body starts falling apart.  I guess I will see.

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