Who is that Man?

Is the question Bill asked me when my friend Sarah emailed me these pictures?


Marlboroman 1


This is Pioneer Woman’s Marlboro Man.  He came to OKC for the book signing.  I stood and talked to him for about 5-7 min. while I waited for Sarah and her cousin got their books signed.


Marlboroman 2



We talked about beef cows and milk cows.  My dad used to have dairy cows until he sold them when Will was a baby.  Now he has Black Angus beef cows and calves.  MM asked me how long I milked cows?  I told him until the day before I got married.  He was very easy to visit with.  He may have felt out of his element without the cows or manure around.  I could have had him sign my books, but I didn’t think about it.


Bill met MM 2 years ago at the Range Round Up, but I guess he didn’t recognize him without his hat.


Most of Pioneer Woman’s family was in OKC for the book signing.  All her kids were there, her sister, nephew, and her mother.

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