Heart attack in the making.

No I am not talking about my diet and lack of exercise.  I am talking about the last game of  the soccer season for an undeated team. 


Justin’s 10 and under YMCA  soccer team tied at the end of their last game.  I thought okay, 1 ties not bad.  Then they called for a shoot out.  If your not familiar with soccer, a shoot out is a tie breaker where each side gets 5 shots on goal.  The winner of the shoot out wins the game.  That doesn’t sound to bad unless your son is the goalie.  Justin has played goalie for most of their games.  I haven’t been that nervous in a long time. 


The first shoot got past Justin, he was a little upset until his teams first shot also went in.  Second shot Justin made the save, his team scored.  Third shot, Justin saved the shot again, barely after taking it to the nose.  Justin’s team missed the third shot.  Fourth shot Justin missed, his team made.  The fifth shot went over the net and Justin’s team won the shoot out 3-2.


Justin told his dad after it was over that he thought the shoot out was very exciting since he’ld never been in one before.  I hope he isn’t becoming an adrenaline junkie.



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File photo.

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