The verdict is in

Bill got second place in the costume contest at school.  The guy that got first dressed up as Merlin along with his daughter.  Bill said they had nice robes, but fake beards.  At least this guy dresses up every year, even though he has lost to Bill for the last 3 years.


Here’s a few pictures of our kids for Halloween.





This is Justin along with his friends at the church carnival.  He was a soccer player.





This is Jemma, Trunk or Treating at the church carnival.  She is Elizabeth, an American Girl Doll.  I made the costume for her last December when she went to an American Girl Doll birthday party.  I told her last year that, that was her costume for this year.  She never complained about wearing this costume, but I thought about it later and thought I was lucky she did change her mind.





Here she is with her friends at the church carnival.





We always go trick or treating to this house.  We have been going for 6 years or so.  Bill has had this couples daughters in class.  The mother is a member of our schoolboard.  She always dresses up, invites everyone in, and has a buffet of finger foods.  She has a lot of Halloween things inside her house that move with motion and lots of fog.





This is the group that went to the house.  Will wore a cape and mask I made for him when he was probably 5  years old.  It drug the floor when he first wore it.  I also made a cape and mask for Justin at the same time I made one for Will.  They called themselves “The Tough Brothers” when they were little and wore their capes and masks.

5 Responses to The verdict is in

  • Gena says:

    I know exactly where that house is. We have been family friends of theirs forever. I keep meaning to get over there on halloween and never have. Maybe next year.

  • Lindsy says:

    WOW who’s house is that! I like Kody’s costume…I’ll have to tease him about it Sunday AM.
    Too bad about Bill getting 2nd, but 2nd is good.

  • Judy says:

    So, where are the pictures of YOU?

    What did you dress up as?????

    Inquiring minds ya know….


  • Robin says:

    Too bad about the contest, but there’s always next year! That Halloween House looks awesome!

  • Rachel says:

    Bill’s costume was great. I can’t believe that he got second, but I’m sure he beat out tons of other faculty.
    And yes, you are pretty lucky that Jemma didn’t change her mind. All the kids look great in their costumes. Will really cracks me up. You know who he actually looks like? There’s a PBS character named Super Why who wears a mask and cape. He dives into story books to solve problems. Sounds kind of odd, I know, but Will sort of looks like him. Just in case a jr high kid wanted to know what character he unknowingly dressed up as.

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