What’s a fullback?

I didn’t know either until Monday night when Will came home from football practice and said that was what he was going to play on Tues.   Don’t get me wrong I like watching football, I just don’t know the positions other than tackle (the position he has been playing), quarterback, center and running back.  So for you non-football people,  the fullback stands behind the quarterback, sometimes they block, sometimes they carry the ball and sometimes they pretend to carry the ball so the quarterback can throw a pass.  Will did all those things last night and I must say he did a pretty good job for his first time playing the position.  He carried the ball 5 times for a over 50 yards.  The last play of the game he carried the ball for over 20 yards.  He also played tackle on defense and I know he had at least one tackle.


Last night was the last game of the season, he has enjoyed playing but is glad to be done.  Unfortunately his team didn’t win last night, but I’m glad the coach let him try a different position.


Last weeks game made me wish that all football games were played in dome stadiums.  It misted heavily the whole game and it was cold.  The only good thing I can say is he played on astro turf so his pants didn’t get muddy.  His practice pants were another story.  The practice field is grass.  Playing on astro turf when it rains does present a different problem.  My laundry room floor had little black pieces all over it.  It looked like a ton of flies had died on the floor.  The rubber from astro turf sticks to everything when it gets wet, so I think he drug half the field home.


I was also proud of Will for thinking ahead.  He knows I won’t run the washing machine until I have a full load of clothes.  So Friday on my normal laundry day, he told me that he wasn’t washing all his clothes because he would have to wash his practice clothes on Monday, so he could turn them in clean after the game on Tues.  Monday night he came home and put everything into the wash.  I don’t let them run the machine but I make my kids sort their clothes.  We’ve already worn out one front load washing machine.  Needless to say, he had to do two loads because he stuffed the machine to full with one.

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  • Mimi says:

    Have you forgotten how cold it can be in Wisconsin watching football games in the wind, rain, and maybe even snow. Makes me glad our kids played in the band and I could go home after halftime.

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