Pray at the Pole

The last Wednesday in September is Pray at the Pole.  Students are encouraged to gather around their flag pole at school and pray for their school.  I took Will to school eary so he could participate at his school.  It was really neat to see the students praying for their school.  There was a couple of other mom’s hanging around, but it was totally student run.



2009-09-23_Will at the pole 1



2009-09-23_Will at the Pole 2



Justin and Jemma had the same event at their school.  It was organized by  one of my friends.  Justin and Jemma both read a scripture.  I didn’t get to see Justin and Jemma since I had to go to work.  My friend took the following pictures for me.






2 Responses to Pray at the Pole

  • Lindsy says:

    It’s good to see so many kids participating in this event. I heard about it on the radio.
    PS- I’m way bummed I missed your dish towel give away. I would have loved some new towels! Man!

  • Robin says:

    Yes, It always warms my heart to see this event, when I’m dropping off my kid that’s not participating….usually they are getting to school early for something else!

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