Swine flu update

Jemma came down with it on Friday.  I was supposed to go on my annual quilt retreat in North Edmond this weekend, but I stayed home because I didn’t want to share our germs with my fellow quilters.  Some of them are much older and would take them much longer to get better.


Will felt much better on Sat.  he still had a low grade temp.  His got as high as 103 on Thurs.  Jemma’s never got higher than 101.


The good news is we are all going to school today.


On Sat.  Bill took  Justin to his soccer game.  It rained for part of it.  Bill ended up coaching the team since the coach and assistant coach got called into work at the last minute.  Bill is now 1 and 0 for coaching soccer.  Yes, Justin’s team won 5-2.  His advice to the players.  Keep running.

3 Responses to Swine flu update

  • Rachel says:

    Glad you’re all doing better and back to school today. Hopefully no one else will get it.
    Bummer that you had to miss your quilt retreat. Hopefully there will be something similar that you can do in the future.

  • Marilyn says:

    I’d wondered if more of your family got sick because I didn’t see any of you yesterday morning or evening. Glad you’re all on the mend!

  • Lindsy says:

    I hope everyone is done with the flu! I’m glad to hear everyone is better.

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