That sick pig found my house.

We have an official yet unofficial diagnosis of the swine flu in our house. 


The nurse at Will’s school calls me at work at 11:30 am today.  He’s not feeling well.  I talk to him on the phone, he says, remember the time I felt really bad and didn’t want to go to  my Brother’s Keepers activity (after he had been looking forward to it for a week) I say yes,  he says I feel that bad.  I  pick him up, take him home, take his temp at noon and it is 99.6 degrees.  At 11:30 it was only 97.6, which is his normal.  At noon I give him 2 tylenol, go back to work and call the doctor and get an appointment for 3:00 pm.  I usually let things run it’s course and save the doctor bill.  At 3:15 when we see the doctor his temp is 101 after he has had tylenol.  The nurse swabs his nose, which he says hurts really bad, the doctor comes in and checks Will out, then comes back with the results of the swab test.  He is positive for influenza A.  The doctor says that influenza A is an umbrella for all flu right now, but according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) there is no other flu in OK except swine flu.  The doctor says if I want to pay $350 dollars I can have a positive confirmation.  I decide to keep my money and go with the doctors theory of positive swine flu.  The doctor also said that if anyone else in my house has a headache, sore throat, cough, body aches and temp we can save our deductible, because we have the swine flu also.   The good news is he doesn’t act like he is miserable and he hasn’t lost his appetite (although if he did loose his appetite I would save some money).


I asked him on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad the nose swap hurt and he refused to tell me because he thought I would post it on my blog.  It hurt enough to make his eyes water.


He played football Tuesday night in Yukon.  His team lost.  He had at least 4 tackles, 2 of those were on two-point conversion attempts.

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